Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It is Time...


I am just not this person anymore. Deleting the entries within this blog was one of the most difficult things I've had to do, but this is healing. I have made so much progress. I have found a road to a healthy wholeness through simple Faith; returning to that which kept me alive in the midst of fires.

The Mess You Left Behind is no more. It was never about the mess, it was about me, and what I needed to do with that mess; to walk away because much of it was never mine to own in the first place.

Live. Never forget to live. Know your values and your morals and be not taken by the things which seek to sway you from the higher path.

Most importantly; know and understand that you cannot define or control what life sends your way, but you can control your response to those things which are sent your way. Choose strength, perseverance, heart, grace, forgiveness, mercy, hope, love.

Look me up sometime if you wish. Until we meet again, be well Readers.

Blessed Be this Sacred Moment,

Michael W. Brewer Jr.

Disciple of Christ and His Word

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